Did you pick a 2024 word of the year? It’s definitely grown in popularity the past few years.

This is my 11th year! Yup, I’ve done it every year since 2014. To be honest, those first couple years I didn’t take it nearly as seriously as I have the past few years.

The results I had when I started taking it seriously were so evident that I don’t take picking my word for the year lightly anymore.

For instance, a few years ago I felt like my business (and my life) were on a roller coaster. I was struggling to be consistent with anything (because of my husband’s cancer and all the things that came along with that). So, I chose the word consistency. And I stuck to that word for the entire year.

Even in the midst of the hardest personal time of my life, my business still grew almost 60% that year! And I knew it was a direct result of the word I chose.

Some years I struggle to come up with the perfect word, but not this year.

The word LISTEN has been heavy on my mind for a few months and I knew that was to be my word for 2024.

2024 Word of the Year

This past year I realized that with quite a few of the converstions with my kids, my boyfriend, my mom, etc. I would want to let them know that I undertood how they felt, so I would interject with my own story just so they would know I could relate.

I realized I don’t want to do that anymore. I’m not looking to make the convo about me!

So I decided my 2024 word of the year would be LISTEN.

Listen more and talking less.

I’m going to work on listening to friends and family and not have to always relate to their stories.


My first word of the year was in 2014 and it was FOCUS. Since then I’ve used words like Believe (2015), Consistency (2021), Action (2023), and so many more. (If you’d like to explore all the words I’ve used, I wrote my word of the year over on my Ambassador Crochet blog for the first 8+ years.)

This year I aim to listen better. Below are just some of the life categories I consider and how I will be intentional in those areas.

  • Business: I will listen to customers concerns and work on answering questions faster. Customer service has always been very important to me and I want my crocheters to know that they’re that important!
  • Physical: In Jan. 2024 I want to get back to my workout/running routines so I can feel better about myself. I want to make myself and my health a priority while still remembering to listen to my body.
  • Spiritual: I will get back to listening to that still, small voice. In addition, I will set time aside each day to read my personal development books and devotions so I can listen to my mind and spirit.
  • Relational: I will listen to my friends and family, and what they have to say. I tend to be that person that wants to relate to what someone is telling me, but that also means I tend to jump in with a story that I can relate to them. I will work on just listening and not needing them to know I have a similar story.

Now that I’ve decided to listen more, I will try to remind myself:

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is acually listening to what another has to say.”Bryant H. McGill

With every conversation I have, I will try to remember to be quiet and listen….. repsect the other person talking and not need to relate at all. My ultimate goal is to listen without talking at least once each day. I want to improve my relationships with those that matter most, build my business, and be happy in my relationships.

Do you pick a word for the year? What will be your word to focus on this year? I’d love to know.

Looking forward to a great 2024!

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